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Scissor Seven Season 3

AHA Entertainment, Sharefun Studio
10 episodes · ONA Upcoming 伍六七之玄武国篇

In order to protect the residents of Xiaoji Island and the peaceful life here, Wu Liuqi and his partners Dabao and Xiaofei embarked on an adventure to the Xuanwu Kingdom, looking for the truth about their life experience and a way to save the island, waiting for them there will be more unknowns and adventures.

Transcend The Gods Black Troops III

10 episodes · ONA Completed XIONG BING LIAN III, Transcend The Gods: Super Seminary, 雄兵连之诸天降临 / 雄兵连3

Sun Goddess of the Solari, Leona came to Earth in 2014. The genetics of God hidden on Earth has started to awaken. The first few awakenings include the Power of the Galaxy and God of War. An invasion by the alien Tao Tie, just to entertain Death God Karthus, are on the way to Earth.
The Angels, the Devils and God seminary groups that have been monitoring the genetics of God on Earth make their moves. The God Seminary assembled the scattered warriors across Earth who carry the genetics of God to form the Black Troops. Radiant Dawn, Leona, lead the team and train them combat techniques to fight against the invasion.
Morgana, the Fallen Angel came to Earth to sow the seed of darkness and plot to destroy the Holy Kayle. Angel Yan was sent to Earth, informing the invasion of Styx galaxy by Tao Tie.

Wan Jie Xian Zong 3rd Season

Ruo Hong Culture
48 episodes · ONA Completed 万界仙踪 第3季

Third season of Wan Jie Xian Zong.

Xi Xing Ji Season 3

20 episodes · ONA Completed

Ze Tian Ji 3rd Season

Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment
12 episodes · ONA Completed 择天记 第三季